OMINT Coverage

Célula Mater offers the convenience of high standard services for patients who have OMINT health insurance plans.

We accept the following OMINT plans: Access, Ouro and Prata*.

Services covered by OMINT:

  • Gynecology (appointments and surgeries, including hysteroscopy and IUD insertion or removal)
  • Obstetrics (prenatal visits, monitoring and childbirth)
  • Fetal Medicine (Obstetric and morphological ultrasounds)
  • Urology (appointments and surgeries, including vasectomy)
  • Imaging Diagnosis
  • With OMINT Prata insurance plan, the patient will pay the price negotiated with OMINT. Pregnant women have full coverage.

Reimbursement from your health insurance plan


The client may choose their service provider, who does not have to be part of an accredited network.

Upon payment and up to 30 days after the appointment, the insurance company must reimburse the patient according to the insurance plan and if this is an option in the contract.

According to the National Regulatory Agency for Private Health Insurance and Plans (ANS), the health insurance provider is not required to annex the reimbursement list to the contracts, but it is mandatory that their customer service informs how the amount was calculated.

Health Insurance Plan Reimbursement

To obtain the reimbursement from your insurance company, it is necessary:

1.Medical Appointment:


Invoice containing name and corporate tax payer registry number (CNPJ) of the center, total amount paid, patient´s name, description of the service, date of the appointment, specialty and doctor stamp (with name and Regional Medical Council registration number – CRM – of the signing physician).


Medical request containing patient´s name, description and justification for each test.

Invoice containing name and CNPJ of the center, total amount paid, patient´s name, date of the appointment and name of each individual test along with their respective price.

3.Surgeries (Doctor´s fees):

Medical report containing name of the patient, diagnosis, name and description of the procedure, duration of the service and where it was performed.

Invoice with name and CNPJ of the center, patient´s name and description of the procedure.

Upon payment, please request: invoice, the receipt containing doctor stamp and CRM and submit it to your insurance company to be reimbursed.

It is every citizen´s right to have access to healthcare. Having a health insurance plan gives you the right to choose the doctor of your preference!

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